A free game written in Java

This is the home page of the Jorillas project. Jorillas is intended to be a java implementation of the well known QBasic game Gorillas (with some added spice).


Jorillas 0.8 was released. Three new bananas, a new player, a new Belief structure and many changes and bug fixes have been introduced. See the Change log for more details.

A small daily build, only playable online here (to download, look at the source of the applet loading link). Changed the satellite so that now it can be caught by the center of gravity. And added a superb new banana, the SatJumper. It's like a satellite that can bounce, only a little bit nicer. Try for yourself... Help is not yet updated.


The game source code and playable java bytecode are available for download at the jorillas project page at

Find screenshots in the Screenshot section and the help file here. If you want to test the game without downloading it, you can start the applet from this web page (see below).

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Start the Jorillas applet

One single screenshot here:

screenshot showing off the nice parachuting banana.
Screenshot showing tux and the devil throwing parachuting bananas at each other.

This game is released under the GPL.
Copyright (c) 2005 Richard Brauer

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